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Protect Your Privacy Online

What is Fortigis?

Fortigis is a cloud-enabled privacy & security wireless VPN router that checks, controls and manages who connects to a user’s Wi-Fi network.

Fortigis ensures, on zero-touch base, online safety for your connected home, your data and your privacy. It is a new type of IoT security that provides a seamless way to deploy, manage and maintain your connected home security.

Fortigis security solution blocks malicious incoming traffic and keeps users browsing private, automatically. Fortigis checks, controls and manages who connects to your local Wi-Fi and the type of access devices get to the network & internet.

Fortigis connects plug & play to your Internet Service Provider router and seamlessly identifies all connectable devices and profiles them so as to connect them securely to the internet. It connects automatically with Fortigis secure cloud, on a zero-touch base, over a secure tunnel. The secure cloud is constantly evolving by consuming threat feeds and by analyzing anomalies and threat patterns from user devices. Various security feeds keep it up to date with the threat landscape, so as to constantly optimize its profiles & policies. Managing the configuration, policies, users, devices on the network lies entirely on your fingertips.

Step 1

Connect Fortigis wirelessly

...or with a wire

Fortigis connection

Step 2

Activate Fortigis Wi-Fi

Fortigis application

Step 3

Connect to Fortigis Wi-Fi
and securely connect online

Fortigis devices

and more

Fortigis features

Cloud-based VPN Router

Use the power of the cloud to protect any device connected to your Wifi without effort. Just plug it in and you’re protected!

Secure your smart home

Smart tech is everywhere from baby monitors to smart televisions! Don’t let intruders burglarize your home and invade your privacy through your internet! Protect yourself with Fortigis.

Protects your identity & privacy

Your identity is protected with security mechanisms that ensure the privacy of your information. Your data is transmitted with encryption and ad targeting is minimized.

Say goodbye to viruses & malware

Fortigis protects your devices from being infected by malicious software that might lead to software or hardware damages.

Fortigis to the rescue!

No need to worry about intruders who want to steal your identity or watch you through your own IP camera! Fortigis will screen all incoming and outgoing activity so that you’re protected.

Feel secure

All traffic going in and out is screened through security mechanisms, so you don’t have to worry about potential viruses or malware.

Using an AI-driven adaptive security algorithm and crowd-sourced threat intelligence, Fortigis stays on top of all the latest intelligence on ransomware, viruses, and more to keep your devices safe.

Wi-Fi protection and control over all traffic within your network

Control and manage who connects to your Wi-Fi. Register your Fortigis with the free downloadable app and you can view a dashboard featuring reports like number of devices connected, total threats detected and blocked, failed connection attempts, average wifi and internet speeds and much more.

Stay safe while working

Real-time threat analysis and security scanning gives you peace of mind while you work or browse the internet.

Minimize the risk of getting your network-connected cameras (including baby monitors or other security cameras) or medical devices hacked or having your privacy exposed for purposes of blackmail, extortion, public shame, or pure privacy violation.

Easy installation and use

Fortigis is easy to use! Using a Zero-Touch, “Connect and Forget” philosophy, all you have to do is connect it to your router and a power source.

Fortigis’ zero-touch, cloud-enabled, automated system means you’ll never be interrupted while working – security without effort!

Peace of mind for you and your loved ones

In 2017 alone, hacking accounted for tens of thousands of computers compromised. Don’t let your router be a portal for hackers to invade your home or office. Protect yourself with Fortigis!

Beautiful cool design

Fortigis features a Rubik’s Cube-inspired design with an elegant beechwood finish that fits in beautifully with your decor.

Made in the USA

Fortigis will be manufactured in North America to limit vulnerabilities that were reported in overseas product lines.

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